Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All rested up

So, starting a new blog the day before I left for vacation was kind of odd, but that's exactly why I did. Which is why my brand-new blog started with one post and then a week of silence. Good job, me!

I flew back into town yesterday morning, and I had occasion to thank my lucky stars that I don't look even vaguely like a terrorist. I'm not exactly what you would call a "smooth talker," and I often say things that sound light-hearted and winning when they're in my head, and then they come out making me sound crazy. Yesterday, as I was going through security at the airport (threat level orange, which means that any suspicious behavior will probably result in a strip-search), clutching my one-quart bag full of bottles of 3 ounces of liquid or less, I cheerfully said good morning to each of the threatening-looking TSA employees - you know, just to reinforce the fact that I wasn't planning to blow up any planes - and one of them said, "You're a little bit too cheerful for 5:30 in the morning," to which I brightly replied, "Oh, don't worry, I'll crash soon." I immediately panicked, picturing a SWAT team swarming on me with handcuffs because I'd said "crash" in an airport, so I started babbling things like, "you know, unless I have coffee... I mean, cause I'm tired... because I didn't get much sleep... and it's so early" Luckily, a scrawny little white girl doesn't really fit any kind of terrorist profile that I'm aware of, so they let me through, but I swear TSA employees were staring at me as I waited for my flight.

Well, I intend to actually start posting regularly, so maybe in a few years, I'll have a reader!

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