Friday, October 24, 2008

An award, things I value, things I don't, my feet, and another award.

First item of business - I just got my first ever blog award - from Tranquility & Turmoil! Hurrah! I'm new to this whole award thing, but I'm assuming that it comes with cash and some fabulous prizes. I'm in the process of writing my my acceptance speech for the televised awards ceremony.

Here is my award!

Note the creative spelling of the word creative - that's a sign that I am DOUBLY creative!

In order to receive the award, I need to list six things I value and six things I don't value. (When I first wrote out this post, I had really long explanations of all of the things I valued. The post was about 47 pages long. Because I don't want any of you to hate me and curse my [fake] name, I took out the explanations and just left the list of things I value and don't. You're welcome.)

First, the things I value: 1. God. 2. Language and words. 3. My marriage and my relationship with my husband. 4. Family. 5. Justice. 6. Books.

And now, the things I don't value: 1. Cars. 2. (My coworker won't stop coughing/blowing her nose/clearing her throat/making other really loud and unfortunate noises, and I cannot concentrate in order to think of more things that I don't value. If you're sick, please go home. Ok, that will be my second thing I don't value:) Coming to work while you're sick at the expense of your coworkers' health and sanity. 3. Sports. 4. Please get a cough drop, seriously. 5. Our society's obsession with celebrities. 6. Something else I can't think of at the moment.

Ta DA!!

And now, for my feet. (Ok, there's a reason for this, really. Dr. Zibbs over at That Blue Yak is making a calendar of female bloggers, but I'm anonymous, which means I don't post any pictures of myself, which means I can't apply to be in this prestigious calendar! Unfair! But then, I realized that a picture of my feet wouldn't reveal who I am, and since someone out there might have a foot fetish [and who am I to judge?], it might add a new and exciting dimension to this already spectacular calendar.) So, these are my feet:

That's at my friend's wedding this past weekend. The red and black thing is my bridesmaid dress. It was really pretty! For some reason, I feel like this picture makes me look wide, which I'm not in real life, but what can you do?

JUST as I was about to post this, I got ANOTHER award (crowd goes wild). Thanks to Tiffany over at Confessions of Shop Girl, I am the proud recipient of not one, but TWO awards! Holy cow, readers! This one is the bookworm award, which I'm uber proud of, even though it's an award that contains the word "worm."

In order to accept this award, I need to buy yet another red carpet gown, and also turn to page 56 of the nearest book to me and "Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences...The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!!" (No need to yell, award.) I'm in my cubicle, so the pickings are pretty slim, but apparently, I have the John Grisham book The Client in my cube. (When and how it got here, I've no idea. I blog at work, but I definitely don't read here. Hmm...) Anyway, here it goes: "In a flash, he knew it was over. He'd blown it. Said too much. Lied too much. He'd lasted less than an hour with his story."

Now there's no need for any of you to read the book! I'm supposed to tag people now, but it's almost 5:00, and I'm tired out from trying to hide a book under my desk so no one thinks I'm reading on the job. I'll tag some people later, maybe. (Please don't revoke my awards!) If anyone reading this wants some awards, do the challenges, and they're all yours!

Have a great weekend, all!


Tova's feet


LYDIA said...

I love your Kreativ award. It's even more creative because of the spelling. :)

Dr Zibbs said...

I'm not a foot fetish person at all so when I say you have nice feet you can take it in a normal way. And to elaborate, the way the big toes goes down to the small toes is almost perfect. I've met a few hand models (seriously) at photo shoots and I think you could actually be a foot model.

Cora said...

Ooh, congratulations!! :-)

Fancy Schmancy said...

I love whatever it is you are wearing. Do you have a full picture, you know with maybe your head cut off to protect your anonimity? How the heck do you spell anonimity? Nice feet, you couldn't pay me to put a picture of my feet on my blog. I have foot issues.

MelO said...

I have foot issues too!! But I think I have good feet. I am just extra particular about other people's feet. Maybe I'm a foot snob! (gasp!) I never thought about that!

But anyway, from a person who is extra particular about feet but does NOT LIKE feet, you have pretty feet! Lol...this is coming out all wrong, i think.

Anonymous said...


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