Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I accomplished this year

When you're a slacker like me, it's important to celebrate small accomplishments, even if they're not really accomplishments at all, but things that you managed not to screw up royally.

So, in honor of the last day of 2008, here's a list of things that I accomplished this year, in the loosest sense of the word:

1. Started this blog. (Which made me less productive in every other area of my life, but oh well.)
2. Celebrated my two year wedding anniversary. (Not that it's hard to be married to Mr. Darling, but you know what I mean.)
3. Turned 26. (This really just means that I managed not to die.)
4. Kept my job for a third year. (Yay for income!)
5. Earned $12.11 on Google AdSense. (Of course, they don't actually give you the money until you reach $100, but still...)
6. Kept my cats and various plants alive. (Hey, this is harder than it sounds! The cats like to eat the plants, so there's a good chance that the cats will kill the plants or that eating too many plants will kill the cats, and yet they're all still alive. Be proud of me!)
7. Didn't smoke a single cigarette... for the 26th year in a row. (A new personal record!)
8. Wrote a Christmas letter to send to friends and family. (Minor detail - we never actually mailed out any copies of the Christmas letter, because we couldn't decide on some changes that we wanted to make, and by the time we got a chance to sit down and look at the letter, Christmas was over. Next year's goal - write AND send a Christmas letter.)
9. Did not yell at or say a single mean thing to my mother-in-law. (Which brings me to number 10....)
10. Managed to go a whole year without ever having to speak to my mother-in-law.
11. Accessorized various outfits quite stylishly. (I consider looking nice an accomplishment.)
12. Got my hair trimmed more than twice. (I'm really lazy about getting haircuts. I have long hair, so it's easy to skip a trim here and there.)
13. Read a lot of books. (Some of which were actually good!)
14. Never ran out of gas while driving. (Unlike last year.)

See how easy it is to pretend you had a productive year when you count living and inhaling clean air as accomplishments? So what did you do this year that you're proud of?


Braja said...

That is one HELL of a positive list! I love it...

Congratulations on EVERYTHING! But most of all on that AdSense shit...that really rocks... :)))

Sassy Britches said...

Keep up the good work, girl! That no cigarettes thing is probably taking you for a ride--good luck with your streak. ;) Happy New Year!

Allison M. said...

I love your list, especially the no smoking part.

I'm turning 26 on Jan. 18. People say late 20s but I'm still mid until I hit 28.

Moi said...

Love the list Tova! I will just have to play along too as always! you are so clever.

P.S. I got my ornament in the mail yesterday. So cute! Thank you so much!

Cora said...

Fantastic list! I should do that. It might make me feel like less of a slacker for not finishing my book like I promised myself last December that I would definitely do this year. (gulp).

So, let's see, what did I accomplish this year? Ummm.... I took my kid to Disneyland... I still fit in my clothes despite eatting about 12 tons of chocolate brownies... I bought some awesome things on ebay... I dusted and vacuumed once or twice... I managed to NOT slap my ex-husband even when he deserved it... I voted half the night for Jason Castro on American Idol and helped him make it to 4th place... I went to the AI concert and got to breathe the very same air as Jason Castro... uhh, yep, that's about it. Not too shabby. :-)

Morgan the Muse said...

I love it! Especially 8 and 9&10. :D

Laura said...

Love the list! Nice job on keeping a positive note on the topic of 2008 haha.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Hey!! You made an awesome list. That has got to rank somewhere on the list.

Peace in 2009 - Rene

Errant said...

wonderful .. :) hopefully next year will e more productive .. maybe a child and a book :)

hey , i gave you an award ..

Autumn Joy said...

Rofl!!! (which by the way, means Rolling on Floor Laughing)
Anyways, Hahahahah Tova you crack me up!! If I knew HOW to give an award I would give you one, unfortunately I not only DONT know HOW to give them, I still dont even have one to give, nor do I know how to go about getting one to give....I think I need to go work on my goals for 2009 some more :p

A. said...

Love the list Tova!
Happy New Year to you & yours!

Tuesday Girl said...

I grew another human being inside of my body and let someone cut me in half to take it out.
Also? Three kids are still healthy and happy- major accomplishment in my book.

Tova Darling said...

Tuesday Girl - Your accomplishments totally blew mine out of the water!

justsomethoughts... said...

lets see...

1. pretty damn good.
2. see above.
3. thats certainly an accomplishment that benefits all of us out here.
4. thats more than a whole lot of people can say this year..
5. money is money. see #4.
6. and mr. darling as well. amazing :)
7. more than i can say for myself...
8. one step at a time...
9&10 deserve some kind of extra specai laward. with stars and surprises.
11. it is. we men have it a bt easier, i admit. ok. a LOT easier. but thank you for being easy on the eyes :)
12. i'm not one to talk...
13. thats good. dont want the ol' grey matter shriveling up.
14. ni-i-i-iiiice.

keep up the good work in '09 !

Greg said...

Congrats on not dying! I think? Good luck in '09.

I will bookmark you for more regular reading. This was an enjoyable intro.

Laura said...

Tova my darling. I love that on your adsense the ads are for stripper polls. How perfect@ Happy New Years to you and to Mr. Darling.

Sarah Von said...

I am right there with you on the first item of your list. You begin to wonder what you did with all your time before you were blogging, don't you? Fantastic list!

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