Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tova's Moving Extravaganza - Regina

Today's Moving Extravaganza story is brought to you by the fabulous Regina at The Recovering Actor. It will definitely make you smile!

I've had to move a few times in my life... live in three different states (all adjacent to one another...) so I never felt like it was much of a change. Except for the first move I remember. My parents moved from Philly suburbs to Jersey before I turned one, so I don't remember that... but when I was about to start Kindergarten and we had to move, forget it.

I was perfectly fine in Jersey. I was right down the street from my baby cousin who used to bite me, I had a really cute neighbor whom I used to bite and another cute next door neighbor with a Nintendo and a twin sister, so I was set. Not to mention my best friend Cara with the lisp. I was golden at the tender age of four and a half. Except when I was picked as the cheese in the Farmer and the Dell... but that's another story.

I was not a happy camper when we had to move. At all. I was starting at a new school with all new friends in an entirely new state (back to PA, but I didn't remember PA the first time around). The house we were moving to still looked a lot like the Jersey house, but green instead of brown. And it was newer. When we moved in, actually, there were only about fifteen houses built in the entire development. Now it's much larger.

When we pulled up to the house in my parents' station wagon, there was a little girl sitting on our front steps. She walked right up to my mom and said "Hi, my name is Rachael and I'm six. Do you have any kids I can play with, preferrably girls?" And we were instant best friends. By the time we moved to the new house, I had just turned five... so a six year old as a best friend was okay with me. Cara was a year older than me. The neighbor with the Nintendo and his twin sister were both a year older than me. This was going to be perfect!

At it was. Until she moved to Florida. But at that girl on my front steps back in 1989 really made my first move (that I remember) way less scary than it needed to be. And ever since then, I haven't been nervous about moving. So far I haven't had anyone else sitting on my front steps. And maybe you won't have a little six year old on your front steps, Tova, but hopefully there will be that one person in your new state that will make it all worth while (besides Mr. Darling of course)


Anonymous said...

That's a very nice story! You're so lucky to have had a good experience. :)

It would have been far worse if she had turned out to be some creepy kid who would take your doll's heads and bury them in the backyard.

Shani said...

It's always nice to feel welcomed and well-accompanied.

But, even when you go alone, the thing to make the move worthwhile might just lagg a little bit behind and it will have been worth waiting for.

Last year I moved to Spain (for a year) for my degree, I had a blast the first six months, but coming back after my summer vacation I met my current boyfriend, who since has mooved to London to be with me. So althoug it was fun to begin with, and I might have felt a bit lonely, it was defenitly worth it!

Hope you are having a smooth move!

SkylersDad said...

I have been loving all of the guest postings! Well done everyone!

Katherine said...

I hated being the cheese!

Cindy said...

Just wanted to compliment you on your blog:) I got a degree in writing/English because that was also the only think I really cared about. Anyhoo, I'll keep following you and wish you the best!

Gaston Studio said...

nice story for sure... and congrats on POTD at authorblog.

DShanklin said...

This is the first blog that caught my eye that I cannot stop reading. I love it! I really appreciate and fascinated by how other people have picked up the ball and wrote about their moves. I only moved once and that was 24 years ago with my new husband to our first apartment across town as newly weds. Nothing as life changing as you and others have written. But I enjoy each one. I will continue to be a fan. I only wish I could write as you do Tova!
Thanks everyone and you Tova.

JzOzzi said...

I noticed everybody's having a crazy time moving and I'm dreading that day as well. I live in an apartment off campus and will have to move again come september to a new place! Here's a link I found, hope its useful.

hustler said...

There is something about starting over in a new place that I love. If my husband would go for it, I would move to a new town every year!

REZA said...

Do you really ever experienced this?

I was really going to my heart

Meredith Kent said...

I really like all the pictures on your website. It has great eye appeal. Perhaps you would be willing to visit my blog and give me some tips.

God bless,

Kate said...

This was a totally adorable story!

Joanie M said...

Great moving story! I remember it like it was yesterday, right down to 6 year old Rachael!
After 20 years, I dread packing up this house and moving again. But one of these days, I will.

Anonymous said...

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Jealous Bitch said...

That's a great story! I love your writing style, and please keep this blog up!

Santa Matt said...

When I was 21 and in the Army I was sent to Germany. There were three of us on a group ticket from Frankfurt to Augsburg. We had to change trains in Stuttgart. The German rail system is a study in efficiency. But this time the train from Frankfurt was late and with two of us grabbing a baggage cart and moving luggage as fast as we could, the train pulled out with only the guy who went ahead to get us a compartment. Of course he had the group ticket. So my second day in Germany, my first day actually off a military base, I pulled out my German - English dictionary and my traveler's checks (Yeah it was before credit cards) and got tickets for the two of us left behind. After that day, idea of travel and moving doesn't seem to have the same dread.

Santa Matt

Anonymous said...


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Megan said...

Awww, that's really sweet. An instant friend! =)

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