Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and that means that once again, it's time for us to all sympathize with one another's awkward moments. Last week, some very funny bloggers shared their own awkward moments, and everyone is invited to participate again this week. Join in the fun and show the blogosphere your awkward side!

In my last Totally Awkward post, I shared a story about how incredibly smooth I was when I had a crush on a guy in sixth grade. To prove that my awkward, somewhat obsessive crush on Tim A was not, in fact, an isolated incident, I'm going to share yet another story about how creepy I could be when I had a "secret" crush as a pre-teen. (The fact that Mr. Darling married me instead of running away screaming when I fell in love with him is hopefully an indication that I became less awkward around guys as I got older.)

For the majority of my childhood and adolescence, I attended a camp every summer, which offered me an opportunity to develop creepy crushes on guys who I literally saw for one week out of every year. (Incidentally, it also offered guys in whom I was not interested the opportunity to develop creepy crushes on me and send me weird love letters which I wish I had saved because they were awesome. So at least I wasn't the only weirdo at summer camp.) Every year, as camp time would approach, my friend Mae, my cousin Hannah and I would begin to write letters to each other about whether or not the guys we liked would attend camp that year, and more importantly, whether or not we would actually get up the nerve to talk to them.

For several consecutive years, I had a gigantic, ridiculous crush on one particular guy who we'll call Kevin. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and we had had approximately two conversations during three consecutive years of summer camp, so clearly it was a match made in heaven. One spring, as camp approached and my obsession with Kevin increased, I got the brilliant idea of sending Mae a cassette tape of me talking instead of my usual letter. And of course, I spent a good 45 minutes talking about how I was madly in love with Kevin.

The details get a little fuzzy here, but somehow, Mae's older brother and his best friend (both of whom also attended the camp) heard the tape. Which meant that once I actually arrived at camp, I very soon found that someone (not me) had written Kevin's name in huge letters on my camp notebook and surrounded it with hearts. You'd think that this would have been enough to cure me of my crush, but apparently my feelings for him were less fickle than the ones I had had (or would later have... I forget the order in which the Tim and the Kevin incidents occurred) for Tim A, because I was totally undeterred. I covered over Kevin's name with stickers (which apparently I brought with me to camp?), and continued pseudo-stalking him.

This is how Mae, Hannah and I would pursue the boys we liked: we would follow them around from a distance and sneakily take pictures of them with our cameras. The pictures would never, ever turn out, because we'd take them from at least 100 feet away, and we had old-fashioned film cameras with no zoom, but we kept trying anyway. So, this particular year, despite Kevin's name mysteriously showing up on my notebook, I still followed him around taking his picture like some sort of ineffectual paparazzo. Either Kevin noticed that I was taking his picture (I wasn't exactly famous for my ninja-like stealth), or Mae's brother and his friend had ratted me out, because on about day three of my Kevin-stalking, Kevin himself actually approached me and started asking questions about my camera. Somehow in the conversation, he managed to get me to say that I had almost no film left, at which he expressed surprise and asked "How could you almost be out of film? We've only been here three days! What have you been taking so many pictures of?" Obviously, I couldn't say, "You," so I responded with something extremely eloquent like, "Um... I don't know." He looked at me like I was a crazy person and then wandered away.

Later in the week, Hannah, Mae and I ended up hanging out with Kevin and a friend of his for an hour or so and actually getting a legitimate picture of him, which gave me something new to obsess over for the next three years, but my creepy crush didn't go unnoticed. A few years ago I was talking to another guy from camp, and he said "Didn't you used to have a huge crush on Kevin and follow him around taking his picture?" Umm... yes. Yes, I was extremely creepy. Can we talk about something else now?

Ok, now it's your turn! Share an awkward moment on your blog, link back to mine, and then post a link to your entry in the comments and I'll link to you below.

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Neutron Neuron said...

I could write an entry about zillions of experiences of mine.
But what if I make it short?
Let's just say that I used to go to the seaside every year and that in one of those years, I met and developed a crush for this girl who was short, blond with a big smile, a nice body and a great personality. Let's call her Laura! (I love giving people nicknames, but the truth is I can't remember her name anymore.).
Unfortunately, I found out that she had a boyfriend...
Funnily enough, I also found out that she had an identical twin sister!
So after some effort, I ended up hooking up with her sister.
Laura's sister was just as cute, but the personality was nothing like it. She wasn't as warm or as funny as Laura, which made Laura much prettier than her to my eyes.
Everybody sort of envied me because I got to hook up with the other sister, but me? I envied Laura's boyfriend in secret. Lucky bastard.

Ebony Haywood said...

Hi Tova! Enjoyed reading about your paparazzi experience. Here's my totally awkward post:


peace and blessings...

Sara said...

Here's the link to this weeks tat tuesday. Love reading your blog...such fun to read. x


Cora said...

Oh no! I did that in 10th grade ~ a million out of focus pics of a boy crush standing 300 yards away. Hee hee hee.

I participated too:


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Kudos to you for having the courage to discuss it, even after all this time! I was also creepy, and those film cameras always made the guys look further away than they actually were - which made the effort useless at 100 feet. ;) I've blocked out the names of my crushes... ah, camp, so exciting at the time, so humiliating to reflect upon as an adult.

My awkwardness is here:

FRANNIE said...

You always make me laugh. My post can be found here...

Awkward Parent Moment

Raine said...

You know, I had tons of semi-obssessive crushes growing up, but I never went around taking their pictures! Either I wasnt as in love or as creepy! :D Love it!

Here is mine: http://trueconfessionsofasinglemother.blogspot.com/2009/06/totally-awkward-tuesday_23.html

Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I remember having camp crushes like that, too :-)

.::L said...



Rachel said...

The subject of my totally awkward moment is why not to talk in text lingo:


Meandering Mel said...

Wowza. I have to admit, I did the same things in middle/high school. Except... without the creepy picture taking. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm new to this and I can't figure out the whole link program (yes, my computer is smarter than me), but I did tell people where to go, because I really do enjoy your blog and TAT. My awkward experience is available at: www.thegatoratemybaby.blogspot.com

I do promise to figure it out someday : )

epasen said...

Hi Tova,
I absolutely just love your Totally Awkward Tuesdays! I haven't submitted my own stories because I really never come up with anything like that. But I really enjoy reading yours thou. :-D Thanks for making my day so many times!
Emmi aka epasen from Living with Sclero

Penhaligon said...

Pink-Head's totally awkward tuesday!


Ahh the days of "crushes"...

downlow said...

Hiding in the home theater of my Hip Hop lover's mansion when his wife came home a day early from a 1 week trip...

Now that was one seriously totally awkward moment!

Former Fat Chick said...

Oh I was the queen of creep, as far as crushes...but my post involves panties dropping in public AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tova- too funny! I have felt your pain...as I am sure all adolescent girls have!

I shared as well:

Happy writing!

Mollie (aka Mimi) said...

This is my fist submission to Totally Awkward Tuesday, and unfortunately I have MANY more to share. I guess I just have the awkward gene.


Moxie said...

I am so proud of myself. I tied my TAT post into the camping theme! :)


I have now come clean to the world. Awesome.

nonstopfeisty said...

I hope that I was able to link back properly, I'm rather new at this blogging thing. Anyway, the story that I am sharing this week is several awkward moments all rolled into one since they involved the same people. I hope you enjoy it.


Judi said...

I've been enjoying your blog since it was The Blog of Note (how I came upon it) and love what you're doing with this Tuesday tradition. Taking your invitation to do so, I've posted an awkard moment on my own blog: http://www.curiousjudi.com/2009/06/time-i-didnt-have-lunch-with-movie-star.html

(This is the first time I've ever linked to someone's blog so I hope I'm doing it right.)

Jules said...

It's still Tuesday, technically, in Midwest College Town!!
(And welcome back, Tova!!)
This week I've got my own awkward moment as well as a friend's awkward moments. But she's so cool, I don't think she ever saw them as awkward!!
(See updated Tova Head on my right sidebar for your link!)

Candice said...

Well I made it! Thought I wouldn't but I did. Thank goodness I'm on Alaska time, cuz it's still Tuesday up here. Only an hour to go. But here is my link!


I really enjoy your blog, it's a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy mine as well.

Joanie M said...

You need a really cool button for folks like us to grab when we do Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesday! Maybe someone could make one for you!
Whadya think?

Unapologetic said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only girl who used to stalk boys and take pictures of them! Of course, we must still live with the fact that we were slightly creepy as tweens, but at least we're not alone!

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Moxie said...

I think I fixed the commenting problem. I'm so sorry Tova. D:

Megan said...

Oh man! I seem to vaguely remember doing similar stalking. Hahaha!

Megan said...

If you go to this blog: http://www.riggsfamilyblog.com/

He's got a MckLinky (on his right side bar) that he created that you could start using so you don't have to link everyone by hand. =)

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