Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe I should work for Maytag

Hi! Remember me? The blogger who only blogs once a week lately? What is my problem, anyway? Actually, I have a lot of stuff going on, which I will probably tell you about. Someday. Maybe. But anyway...

Totally random, but Mr. Darling and I bought a washer and dryer yesterday (Whirlpool, 3 years old, $250 total on Craigslist. Hurray!), and I've spent most of today being a handywoman. I just sent this email to Mr. Darling and thought I'd post it here, because I really feel like I deserve a prize of some sort for being unusually handy. This email is word-for-word (except for the names, of course) the email I just sent to Mr. D, who is at work right now, where he gets no cell phone signal, but occasionally finds a minute to check his email in between getting bugs out of patients' ears (true story). This email proves to you that the way I blog is really the way I talk to people I know in real life. In other words, sexy reader, you and I are practically BFFs.

Monday, August 31, 2009 4:59 PM
From: Tova Darling
To: Mr. Darling
Subject: Maybe I should work for Maytag

Mr. Darling,
So... they don't sell 3 to 4 prong adapters for dryers (at least not at Lowes). Instead, according to the appliance guy at Lowes, you have to actually detach the three prong plug and attach a four prong plug. Which I did. By myself. Because I am awesome! (I am seriously unreasonably proud of myself for doing this. I think I should get some sort of medal or trophy. Maybe a plaque?)

Anyway, having done that, I was well on my way to being able to dry things, when I noticed that the back of the dryer says that you should absolutely NOT use that flexible foil hose for your exhaust. I looked it up online, and apparently every dryer in the history of the world says that, because it poses a fire risk. You should only ever use rigid metal piping. So, do I go back and get rigid metal piping? I think it's more expensive, but on the plus side, it won't burn you to death.

I have to go back to Lowes anyway to get an adapter for the water hookups, because one of our water connectors (the cold water one) is randomly smaller than the other, and the hose doesn't fit, so I have to get an adapter. So if we want rigid metal piping, I could get both things at once. I had to switch the washer and the dryer because they were on the wrong sides, and the washer hoses aren't long enough to reach the water unless the washer is on the left. The hot water is now hooked up, but not the cold.

Final question: The green grounding wire connected to the back of the washing machine - Where does that connect? I hooked up the grounding wire for the dryer when I changed the plug, but I'm curious as to where the green wire on the back of the washing machine goes to. Any tips?

In case you couldn't tell, I'm so pleased with myself for doing all of this! Hurray, me!! I feel like an electrician. An electrician who sprayed water all over herself when she tried to figure out which pipe was hot and which was cold, and then immediately sat in cat litter... but still!

I'm going to have you look over all of my hard work before I plug anything in so that I don't electrocute myself.

I love you!!


Leah Rubin said...

You are overqualified to work at Maytag! You should be a funny and creative blogger! --oh, wait... But seriously, good job! I am totally impressed at your accomplishments! Hooray!

Katherine said...

Wow, I'm proud of you too. If I had done all that, I would definitely brag. Forever.

.::L said...

awesome! that sounds like the similar sense of accomplishment I've gotten from sanding and painting furniture :)

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm totally impressed! I can barely send an e-mail. ; )

Happy washing!!!

Hap said...

grounding wires should be connected to the ground (no kidding). Usually the phone or electric companies have this long metal rod that they stick halfway into the ground where you connect the grounding wires. I on the other hand usually connect it to the metal pipes that carry the water. The main purpose is to send any static or excess charges into the ground which absorbs it so you don't get electrocuted or burn your house down. Careful not to attach it to the gas pipe, a small spark would spell ka-boom.

Hmm, I should get back to work now... hope I helped.

Jeff said...

if you don't read Dooce, you should; she just posted her maytag mess.

Carrie said...

I think you should have forwarded that to Maytag's people. They'd have been impressed! ...or at least I was. Kudos, Tova. :)

Moxie said...

DUDE! Was Mr. Darling on that one episode of "Untold Stories of the ER" where the doctor dude removed a junebug out of the waitress girl's ear?

Haha. I'm only kidding.

Doing such technical things like that is so awesome. Congrats!!

Raine said...

WOOT! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a regular post? And a humourous one, at that. Should I say thanks? Cause unintentionally, you made me feel better, though no matter how good I feel, I do not want to handle all the wires and pipings as you did.

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B.E.A said...

I am so impressed with your handiness!!

prashant said...

You should be a funny and creative blogger!

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