Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesday

Friends, one of these days, I am definitely going to run out of awkward moments. Today is not the day, but I'm afraid that it's fast approaching. Yikes!

Today's Totally Awkward moment is yet another "Tova had a childhood crush and ended up horribly embarrassed" story. I'm starting to sound like I was an extremely boy-crazy teen, which I never thought I was, but the more I read about myself, the more boy-crazy I sound.

When I was growing up, my parents were good friends with another married couple who had four sons. For a few years, this family lived near the beach, so for a few summers in a row, we spent a week of vacation staying with them. Seeing as there were four boys in the family and I was in my teens, it was only natural that I would develop a crush on one of them. He was the second son. Two years older than me; tall, dark and handsome; and exactly the kind of guy that a shy teen girl would spend her vacation obsessing over. Unfortunately, he was (and still is) even more painfully shy than I have ever been (his dad actually privately thanked me once for talking to him, because he was concerned that his son would never get used to talking to girls otherwise), so I just spent a week each summer staring at him awkwardly while he avoided my gaze.

During one of the summers that we stayed with them (the summer I was 14), I spent most of the week staring at him and then finally, amazingly, blissfully, got up the nerve to ask him if he wanted to take a walk with me. How I worked up the courage, I'll never know.

Now, at the time, I had had a boyfriend for about a week (I "dated" this particular guy for a total of three weeks [and by "dated," I mean sat next to him at lunch in school]), so clearly it wasn't the love of a lifetime, and not enough to keep me from wanting to take a walk with a handsome "older man." I'm not saying I was fickle, I'm just saying that I was 14.

Anyway, I somehow managed to ask him to take a walk with me while also simultaneously avoiding inviting my younger brother to take a walk with us. It was one of my finer moments.

Allow me to set the scene: It's a warm summer evening. There are millions of stars in the sky. We are walking along a beautiful, moonlit bay. I am more charming than I have ever been. The street is empty except for us. And my brother is sneaking along behind us in the bushes.

See, apparently, my brother was mad that he wasn't invited on the walk. He was 12, and therefore hadn't picked up on the fact that I had intended this to be a romantic walk rather than a walk with my baby brother. So, he thought that I had just left him out to be mean, rather than the real reason I left him out, which was that this was my one chance to make the object of my affection fall madly in love with me.

So we're walking along, blissfully unaware that we're being stalked by my brother, and we're making awkward, stilted conversation, but it's still conversation, so I'm happy. We approach a small dock, and one of us suggests that we walk out onto it. By this point, my brother had figured out why I hadn't invited him on the walk, but was still irritated, apparently. My crush and I step out onto the dock, stand side-to-side with excitingly (to me, at least) little space between us (ok, it was probably at least two feet, but still...), gaze up at the stars, and....

...my little brother bursts out from behind the bushes and shouts, "You have a boyfriend!!" and then runs away.

The chances that my crush would've made a move even without that interruption were slim to none anyway, but after that, there was no chance of us doing anything but maintaining an uncomfortable silence on the walk back home.

Ok, so what's your awkward moment? Share it below!


Cora said...

Oooooh, little sibs can be a pain like that! My little sister was the same. Grrrrr.

Moxie said...

Oh, this is classic. I applaud you. :)

And I know how you feel. I am starting to feel like I am running out of awkward moments. Only problem is that this is only my fourth or so TAT post... So I don't know.

Maybe I have selective memory.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

No moments like that really. Just my 13 year old sister flirting with my almost 19 year old date. That was strange.

NINA said...

I didn't have a little sister or brother, but a jealous friend, and something like that happened to me too...
loved the story, shared my own in your blog


Megan said...

Gotta love the little boogers, huh? My sister was a pain in my butt for many years. LOL

Love the story though. Sounds so...14. Haha!!

SimplyValorie said...

This is a classic moment. I never had siblings to fulfill this probably necessary childhood embarrassment for me, but my friends were always more than willing.

FRANNIE said...

At least he didn't push one of you in the water. Cuz that's where I thought you were going with your story :).

Little brothers can be such a pain.

Ebony Haywood said...

Lol. Omigosh. Typical little brother behavior. How annoying!

Raine said...

You should have pushed your bro in the water! That would have solved the awkwardness :D

Jules said...

You've just reminded me of one of my most awkward dates ever! I will post that one soon with extra props to you for re-living and exposing your awkward moment.
My mind was working the same way Frannie's was. Of course, now that you're married, having your brother accuse you in public of having a boyfriend now would be even worse!

Jules said...

Have I told you I'm saving all of your awkward teenage stories for my daughters to read as they hit puberty to show them it is possible to survive awkward moments and still come out okay?? BIG service you are providing here, keep it up!!

gg said...





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