Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesdays

Sorry for my blogging absence, friends! I've been on vacation, and I was feeling too lazy to be a productive blogger and schedule posts. But I couldn't just leave you all awkward moment-less. So here's an awkward moment that took place soon after I started dating Mr. Darling.

In order for you to fully grasp why this moment was so awkward for me, I first need to give you a brief explanation of the families that Mr. Darling and I grew up in. Our families are both very religious. We were both raised with very strong morals and values, which is good, and we were raised to believe that it's possible to have a close relationship with God - also a good thing. But in our families, we did not talk about sex. Ever. It's just not something we discussed (except for the brief, "don't have sex" talk I got when I was younger, which basically just consisted of that one sentence.)

Obviously, I'm capable of discussing sex in a healthy way now, but when Mr. Darling and I first started dating, I wasn't comfortable talking about sex. That's what made this moment awkward.

We'd been dating for a very short time (about a week), and we had just gotten to the frequent-hand-holding stage in our relationship.

Now, not to make me sound crazy or anything, but I like to hold hands in a specific way. When you hold hands, one person's wrist is in the front (as if they're leading) and one is in the back. I prefer to have my wrist in the back. I'm not sure why, it's just more comfortable for me. (Maybe it has something to do with height?) Anyway, Mr. Darling and I weren't yet to the point that he knew I preferred to hold hands that way, so he grabbed my hand with his in the back. That just wouldn't do, so I let go of his hand, then grabbed it again in the "right" way. He looked at me funny and asked why I'd done it, to which I replied...

"I like it from behind."

As soon as I realized what I'd said, (the realization was aided by Mr. Darling's laughter), my face promptly invented a new shade of red. How very embarrassing! Mr. Darling later told several of his friends this story, which added to the awkwardness, but he also fell madly in love with me, so it all worked out for the best.

Ok, so what's your awkward story? Share it on your blog, link back to mine, then include a link to your blog in the space below. And don't worry, I'll be back to my regular blogging in no time at all.


Moxie said...

I was on vacation too. I know how you feel about "laziness".

I think vacation is Greek for "time to be lazy".

Anyway, that is too funny. It's a cute awkward. I, too, have to have my hand in the back when holding hands with Dollface.

And WOOT! Firsties. :)

Stay beautiful!

helcar13 said...

lol that's awkward. i probably would've ended up saying something like that. the good thing is its not one of those major "kill me now" things

J.J. in L.A. said...

Who wouldn't fall in love with a woman who "likes it from behind"? ; )

About the sex talk (which I never got because I had brothers and my mom figured that I probably got all my information from them), I would've snottily asked, "Ever?" when they said, "Don't have sex."

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I am so glad I wasn't drinking something when I read this... I might have spit my morning tea everywhere, I laughed so hard!

JenJen said...

ahahah! Nice move!

Carrie said...

hahaha. brilliant. :D

Though I must say, I might have been a bit upset that he told friends... but he did fall madly in love with you, so I guess that does make up for it. ;)

Gertrude Groggins - said...

Love it. Sweet and funny!

FRANNIE said...

I just spit water at the screen!!

That is just too funny, on your
50th wedding anniversary people will ask what has kept you together that long and he can say 'She likes it from behind!'

SkylersDad said...

You know, this just might be my favorite one of all!

Raine said...

That is sooo funny. I think it would be just as funny without the back story. :D

Gaston Studio said...


Janelle said...

too funny! i'm sure he enjoyed sharing that story with his buddies!

Katherine said...

So Funny! Thanks for making me laugh.

And I also, like my hand behind. Don't know why, just do.

Judi said...

I swear we grew up in the same family. Or the same church. Or I at least totally know what you're talking about. I love this moment and love it even more that you shared it. As FRANNIE said, this is the kind of thing that will be beautiful on a 50th wedding anniversary.

Jules said...

Good for you getting in a vacation!!
Your post reminds me of the famouse "Newlywed Game" episode :)

Joanie M said...

I couldn't find an email for you, so I'll just put his here. I read this blog by a neurosurgeon and he's very funny!

This was today's post:
We all have a book that is our "Bible". After an insane day like yesterday, I go home and read mine (and no, I don't read it in the john).

So what is Dr. Grumpy's bible? Some neurological work by Charcot? A medicine tome by Osler? Nope.

My staff has learned that when I refer to "The Bible" I mean a small book (I've given them all copies) called "Kill as Few Patients as Possible" by Oscar London, M.D. It's a remarkable collection of 57 essays on "how to be the world's greatest doctor". It's a scream. I first read it in 1992 in medical school, and it's since been kept at arm's reach. Any aspiring physician (or anyone who needs a good laugh) should get it.

(Disclosure- I do not know who Dr. London is, I am not selling copies of this, and I have no financial interest in any booksellers whatsoever).

So, Dr. London, if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I think you are awesome. And I continue to try and practice by your rules.

Anyway, thought you might want to check out that bok (and that blog) for Dr. Darling!
Dr. Grumpy's blog is:

Megan said...

Oh no!! Hahaha!! Yeah, I think I'd have turned a new shade of red as well. heehee

I also have to have my wrist in the back. More comfortable.

la aventurista said...

That's hysterical! I also prefer to have my hand in the back also, in fact, I would rather not hold hands if it's going to be the other way.

brit said...

I prefer my hand in back too! Maybe it's a girlie thing.

Marley said...

Oh man, I hate it when that happens! And then once you've realized how your thought came out you keep trying to fix it but just keep making it worse instead...or at least that's what often happens to me. :P

Katy said...

That sounds like me yesterday at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was playing with a salad spinner and an old lady started laughing at me. I said "I just don't understand who can't toss their own salad" and the old woman said "no one wants a wet salad" and Clay just cracked up.

In my opinion, we don't devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks. ~ Calvin & Hobbes