Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

So, I realize that I'm six days late with my New Year's post, but since I didn't blog for four whole months, I'm cutting myself a little slack for only being six days behind with this particular post. (For the record, I was totally blogging in my head for my entire four month absence. The words just never quite made it to the computer. When someone invents a computer that can turn your thoughts into blog entries, I will be their first customer.)

This New Year, for the first time in 27 years, I made New Year's resolutions (although I think I can be let off the hook for not making resolutions for at least the first five of those years.) I never really got around to making them before. But this year I decided that I was going to join the rest of humanity in resolving to do things.

My resolutions were as follows:

1. Read the Bible daily. (So far, so good.)
2. Go to the gym twice a week. (It's January sixth, and I haven't been to the gym once this year. So far, um, I stink.)
3. Blog three times a week. (Too bad I didn't think of making this resolution last year. And technically, I didn't make it on January 1st this year, either. It took a few days for me to think of it.)

I've covered spiritual health, physical health and mental health in my resolutions, and I'm giving myself a big ol' pat on the back. Not a bad start for a first-timer. (Although the fact that I've already almost broken resolution number two without keeping it for even a week is not so great.)

So, what were your resolutions? Since I'm new to resolving to do things, maybe I can gather a few tips from everyone else's resolutions.


Dollface said...

Gym 3 times a week for me... wedding diet!! xxxoo

Anjie said...

I'm trying to find a "word" to describe what I want from this year. Once I figure that out, then I can make my resolutions. Last year the word was RELAX. I sucked at RELAXing. I might just use it again.

Laura said...

Glad to see you back! I thought you were long gone and never returning. Sounds like everythings going well.

Autumn said...

Tova says:"When someone invents a computer that can turn your thoughts into blog entries, I will be their first customer"

Mhm sure. You'll probably think about getting it for a few days (at least) before you actually step up and purchase their product. Your best hope is that everyone else does that too and you somehow manage to be the first one in line anyways. Lol

I blogged my new years resolutions (at least 3 times) you can think about reading those =P
Feel free to respond with comments in your head. (haha)

Kris said...

Nice goals! I'm with ya on the gym thing!

Katherine said...

I'm even later on my resolution making (well, I've made them,I just haven't posted them). But since I'm in blog transition at the moment, I, like your, am giving myself a little slack.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I made a resolution to not make any resolutions this year.

So far, I'm right on schedule.

QuixoticGirl said...

Drink more milk. Eat less Powerbars. I'm failing miserably.

gorrión said...

I posted my resolutions on my site! You'll have to go check it out...

Jin said...

So glad you're back. Cracking me up.

triplealfa said...

Resolution: Do work harder for myself. Lazyness is a good virus, but virus is not a good thing.... T.T

Cora said...

Resolutions? Ummm.... I just want to lose the ten pounds I gained after my surgery before my wedding in July. No biggie. Plenty of time.


gg said...





kanishk said...

I thought you were long gone and never returning. Sounds like everythings going well.
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