Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tova Darling is a Mommy

... and a crappy blogger!

You might be wondering how many times I can vanish off the face of the bloggy-earth for no particular reason and then randomly appear again almost a year later. The answer, apparently, is "at least once more."

I'm not going to make any grand promises about blogging regularly again, because, let's face it, I couldn't do that even when I did not have a child who would only nap while being held, which means that I can only ever type with one hand.

Oh... speaking of which... I have a son!!!! (When I originally typed that sentence, it had about 14 more exclamation points, but I toned it down.)

He is two months old, and he is, in my personal opinion, the most adorable baby on the planet. Mr. Darling and I pretty much think he's the best baby ever. Naturally, he shall henceforth be referred to as "Baby Darling."

To summarize the past... eight months (or however long it's been since I blogged):

-I loved being pregnant, even though I spent most of the last two months assuring people that, yes, I really was absolutely positive that there was only one baby in there. (Everything about me stayed the same size except for my belly, which looked like Baby Darling was standing on end with his feet on my spine and his head against my belly button. It was ridiculous. I will post pictures when my laptop [which I may or may not have stepped on while getting out of bed to feed Baby D at 3am,] gets fixed.) My ridiculous belly resulted in some serious stretch marks, the likes of which this world has never seen. (Slight exaggeration, but still...) Three weeks after Baby D graced the world with his fabulous presence, I made a self-conscious comment to Mr. Darling about said stretch marks, and Mr. D said, "They look kind of like a flame tattoo - like a sexy biker chick!" I love that man more every single day of my life.

-We decided not to find out whether Baby Darling was a boy or a girl until I gave birth. (I mean, we knew it would be one or the other... you know what I mean.) That lasted until ONE HOUR before Baby Darling was born. We found out that I had to have a c-section because 24 hours after my water broke, Baby D showed no signs of wanting to be born. So to make me feel better about needing a c-section, the nurse said, "He's just a stubborn little boy who doesn't want to come out!" Luckily for her, I was exhausted and in pain, or I might've punched her.

-Baby Darling was tongue-tied, and he nursed every 30 minutes, for an hour at a time, all day, until he was six weeks old. Yes, you read that right. And yes, I somehow* maintained my sanity. Finally, against the advice of our pediatrician, we got the tongue-tie fixed, and Baby D now can go 2-3 hours between daytime feedings and has slept through the night twice. Life is good!

-Mr. (Dr.) Darling will finish residency in June, and he signed a three-year contract at a hospital nearby, so we're staying in our current city for at least three more years! I'm thrilled! He is currently chief resident of his program and continues to be the best husband ever.

-My brother got engaged and is getting married in June, and I'm a bridesmaid. The fact that his bride-to-be picked an empire waist bridesmaid dress in case my postpartum stomach isn't back to normal is just one of the many reasons that I love her.

-I love my son like crazy. I'll try not to be one of those moms who only ever talks about how awesome her kid is (extremely awesome, for the record), but be prepared for a lot of Baby D stories... assuming I actually post more than once a year.

So, that about sums it up. I may or may not fill in more details later, but at least anyone who happens to still subscribe to my blog is now up to speed. Also, I'm really not joking about always typing with one hand, so cut me some slack on the typos.

*Sanity was mostly maintained thanks to prayer, an amazing husband, and Godiva chocolate.


Katherine said...

Congratulations! I think having a baby and all the sleep deprivation that goes along with it is a perfectly good reason to disappear from blogging.

Sarah said...


{ Nina Designs } said...

Congratulations Tova! I bet Baby Darling is a sweet boy!

Auntie Em said...

I am so excited for you!!! Congrats!!

wendy said...

Congrats!! I totally understand sporatic blogging. Glad to hear from you!

Eswary said...

great blog tova

Dollface said...

wow congrats!!!

LegalMist said...

Stopped in on a whim, and here you are again! Congratulations on your baby boy!!! Truly awesome. :)

I hope you'll find time to write some stories about him, and a out the rest of your life. The sleep thing will get much much better, may or may not be soon, but it WILL happen. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

LegalMist said...

"about" not "a out" ... what do you expect at nearly 1 a.m. Arizona time?

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