Thursday, May 31, 2012

My apologies to all breastfeeding moms everywhere

Ok, so...

I'm sure that at this point, no one actually reads this blog anymore, but I just have to say something.

As I think I mentioned in my last post (I could go check, but let's just say I did), Baby Darling is exclusively breastfed. And man, the first six weeks were the hardest of my life. (Admittedly, I've had a pretty easy life, but still.) He was tongue-tied, and he ate ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Literally, he ate every 30 minutes. For an hour at a time. So basically, my days looked like this:

Feed Baby D for one hour.
Burp him.
Change his diaper.
Run to the bathroom to pee.
Grab a handful of food.
Rush in to comfort Baby D who is crying because he's hungry again.
Rock him for five minutes to see if he'll maybe nap instead of eating.
Feed Baby D for one hour.
Repeat over and over, all day long.

At night, he slept two hours at a time at most, so I was exhausted, and stressed, and frankly, not very clean, because I was showering for maybe two minutes a day... and that was on a good day.

Anyway, things gradually got better after the tongue-tie was fixed, but before that... I cried a lot. Dr. Darling took three weeks off of work to help after Baby Darling was born, and my mom came and stayed for a week after he had to go back, but weeks five and six when I was home alone all day with Baby D and Dr. Darling had to work a 24 hour shift and we ran out of toilet paper?? Um, yeah. That was awful. Let's just say that if we had had a newspaper subscription, I might've considered using that in the bathroom instead of trying to take Baby D to the grocery store. But we don't get the paper, so I had to take him to the store, and *gasp* nurse him in public.

The reason I bring this all up is that breastfeeding is on everyone's radar because of the infamous Time cover (which I'm not going to discuss right now except to say that how another mom chooses to care for her child is up to her), and today I just got really mad at a comment someone made on an online forum where everyone was talking about breastfeeding in public.

One woman entered into the discussion by saying that she didn't see why women ever needed to nurse in public, because since a baby only needs to eat every two to three hours, women should just work around that schedule and only go out between feeding times. She ended by saying that it was really "simple," and she didn't see how that could be a problem.


And then I remembered something very terrible. When Dr. D and I were trying to get pregnant (technically, we were trying to get ME pregnant, not him), I was on a forum on The Bump, and I said pretty much the EXACT same thing that the woman I wanted to shout at had said. I can't remember if anyone put me in my place or not, but I sure hope they did. And if not, I would like to go back in time and tell myself, "Self, you do not get to voice an opinion about breastfeeding if you've never done it, because you have no idea what you are talking about, and someday you will feel like an idiot if today you spout ridiculous opinions based on nothing."

Since having Baby D, I have nursed in public more times that I can count. I use a freaking awesome nursing cover that a friend made for me, but you know what? It's hot under there. And it's summer. And when Baby D breaks out in a sweat and starts to whimper, and my choices are either to let him suffer or pull back the cover a little and risk offending a complete stranger with the sight of one inch of my boob, then sorry, complete stranger. But I love my baby more than I love my own life, whereas I have no idea who you are, so I'm not putting your feelings over those of my child.

So breastfeeding moms everywhere, both past and present - I'm sorry for voicing opinions on something I knew nothing about. I was a moron. I have seen the error of my ways.

And before anyone bothers to suggest that women should nurse their babies in public bathrooms - please eat your next ten lunches while sitting on a toilet in a tiny, cramped, dirty bathroom stall and then get back to me.
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