Friday, August 10, 2012

I will die here. With a picture of a squirrel in the backyard.

As I've mentioned, Dr. Darling and I recently purchased a home. It was kind of terrible timing in that we had to pack up our entire house and move while we had a four-month-old baby who isn't a fan of ever being put down. Also, the day of our home closing was also the day of Dr. Darling's residency graduation, AND we had house guests, AND we were trying to pack our whole house, AND I had scheduled a graduation party at our rental house the day after graduation, AND our landlord wanted to start showing our house to potential renters the day after the party. It was very stressful. (I started to write a whole long paragraph here about WHY we had to buy a house when we did, but it was very boring. If you really want to know, I'll tell you. But it's not an interesting story, I promise.)

So we moved. I was in charge of supervising the movers because Dr. D was working during most of the time they were there. Naturally, I did a terrible job of supervising, and they left like half of our stuff at our old house, and somehow I didn't notice, so then Dr. D went over and discovered it and had to move it by himself. It was kind of awful.

The people we bought the house from were moving to another state for the husband's job, and they were very nice, but maybe a little weird. (For example: the day we came over to get the keys from them, the wife told us that she and her kids had buried a time capsule in the back yard the day before, so "don't move it" because "we'll be back in five years to dig it up." And my brain did this thing where it went, "Aww, that's cool that... wait. Did she just tell me she's going to come dig up my backyard in five years?" Is it me, or is that weird? It's not even like they had buried it years earlier when they thought they'd live there forever - they buried it the day before they moved with the intention of coming and digging up someone else's yard in five years. Also, we are planning to build a garage where they put the time capsule. 

Before you say, "Oh, Tova, please don't be a jerk and build over those poor children's time capsule and leave them brokenhearted," let me assure you that we are planning to move the time capsule to a more convenient location, even though it seems weird that we have to do that. Would it be really mean if I stuck something in their time capsule when we have to move it? Like my report card from fifth grade? Or a picture of a squirrel? Because seriously, how funny would it be if they opened the time capsule and there was something in there they had no recollection of having put in it?)

Anyway, the point of this post was supposed to be that moving was a huge pain, and after we moved, I said to Dr. Darling, "I am never moving again. I will die in this house." But now I forget what else I was going to say about how much of a pain it was, because I'm trying to think of what I could put in the time capsule. Please make suggestions! The best one wins! (Or you can tell me that I'm a jerk. Either way.)


Sarah said...

okay, so i'm pretty sure i had some ideas for the time capsule (which, you're right, is totally weird) but somewhere between reading the last sentence of your post and typing this comment i clicked on your "opiniated" tag and just spent the last twenty minutes reading about wedding donations, angry commenters, and clam dip. and now i'm idea-less. but i think a picture of a squirrel would be awesome. i will also think of other suggestions and come back.

i guess this comment is pretty pointless.

Sarah said...

well, people apparently put receipts, baby pictures, and ultrasound printouts in time capsules. you could put those in and they'd probably be pretty confused.

Tova Darling said...

Oo, good ideas!! And I have all of those things lying around, so it's easy, too!

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