Monday, August 6, 2012

Tova needs a nap. And Sangria.

So far this year, we:
Had a baby.
Took two 16+ hour round trips with said baby.
Took two 8+ round trips with said baby.
Purchased a house.
Had a garage sale.
Packed up and moved all our earthly belongings to our new house.
Graduated from residency. (Actually, only Dr. Darling did that one.)
Started a new job. (Also just Dr. D.)
Were in two weddings. (Dr. D in one, me in the other.)
Had house guests approximately 732 times. (Funny how everyone wants to visit you after you have a baby!)

It has been a fantastic year so far, but I'm secretly hoping that next year will be really, really boring. I am still living in a house full of boxes, but I'm going to attempt to blog a bit more regularly again. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I will begin to lose my ability to form complete sentences. Baby D thinks it's hilarious when I say "hi," so I say it hundreds of times per day.

So if you're out there reading this, hopefully I'll be writing something semi-interesting and coherent soon-ish. Until then, hi!


Dr Zibbs said...

Congrats and great to hear from you on my blog. It's been ages.

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